Design Venture Day 2019

Diamond Makers 2021

We harness the Design Venture’s own version of the Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank to coach your ideas even more diamantine.

Diamond Makers explore, mine and extract ideas, compress and compact their concepts, and finally cut glittering diamonds from them. The use of design and communication are central, as well as encouragement to develop your own work.

Come and hone your diamond idea with a professional jury and win an iPad Pro 2021!

The search for the Diamond Makers ends on Wednesday 11 November.

The finals will be on Thursday 25 November 2021.

There are two series in the competition: companies and students.

Follow the instructions below to apply.


Step 1. Mining: Send your idea to the DIAMOND MAKERS

Submit your presentation of your product / service / idea to the jury

Application’s maximum size is 3 pages / slides with the following three sections.


Section 1 – Presentation of the product / service / idea

Present your idea clearly and with its most important characteristics. Think of this as an elevator speech. An elevator speech is a 20–30 second convincing presentation of you and/or your product/service. The word “elevator speech” comes from the fact that it’s roughly the time you have to convince an adjacent person in an elevator from the ground floor to the top floor of your business or products.


Section 2 – Light SWOT analysis of the project

SWOT analysis is a simple tool to map the overall situation of something, for example, the overall picture of a project, a plan or an area of ​​activity. Doing this will also help at the point where you start to take your idea forward and perhaps apply for start-up money to start a business.

The four boxes list the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved.

You can simply use bullet points!

Section 3 – First bite of a business

There are two points here – A and B.

A – Business goals – What concrete goals do you set for your idea now or in five year’s time? Objectives can concern, for example, the turnover, number of employees, profitability, sustainable development, the company’s position in the market or the number of customers. The style to record these is free but try to look at your project especially in terms of sustainability.

B – Preliminary budget – Where does the money come from and where does it go to? Does it cost hundreds or thousands to produce a product or service? Will the selling price be hundreds or thousands? Manufacturing costs (raw materials, labour, freight, etc.), fixed costs (websites, maintenance of the cash register system, rents for workspaces or shops, etc.). What kinds of funding opportunities could you have? The style is free for the outline but look at your project realistically.


You can use images and other visual support in your application.
Return your application as a PDF file.
You can participate alone, with a couple or in a small group (max. 4 members)
The material must be delivered by Wednesday 11 November 2021 at 23:59 to designventure@lab.fi
The results of the pre-qualification will be announced in person on 15.11.2021.
NOTE! Upload large files via a cloud service (e.g. WeTransfer).
A pre-jury will select the 5 most prosperous product or service ideas that will enter the compression and cutting phase!

Step 2. Compression and Cutting: Present your rough diamond in front of an expert panel

# Presentations in front of the professional jury on November 25, 2021
# Duration of the presentation is about 3 mins
# 5 minutes reserved for questions and comments from the jury

Step 3. Congratulations! The jury will select your diamond as the 2021 DIAMOND MAKER

# WINNING DIAMOND MAKER in both series will be prized an Apple iPad Pro 2021 (1 iPad / series)
Questions? Feel free to contact us through email – designventure at lab.fi